looooong bio
D. Jesse Damazo is a screenwriter and a filmmaker based in Los Angles.
Jesse’s filmmaking career began by skipping law school classes to make a short animation. Inspired by Georges Méliès, this film told the story of a man who shot himself out of a cannon to the moon … The End. He decided to drop out of NYU Law and pursue a rigorous life of attending community college film classes part-time in San Francisco and surfing at Ocean Beach.
Jesse would later receive his MFA from the University of Iowa. While there, notable projects included a video installation where balloons told jokes and a short film about a quiet ukuleleist and his talkative manager who collaborate on a children’s folk music album. When the ukulele movie was accepted into the Cannes film festival Jesse was able to walk the long red carpet in front of the Palais des Festivals on the way to his film’s premier. “Hurry,” the Cannes officials told him. “Don’t linger. People want to take pictures of Brad and Angelina.” Other film festival highlights include getting shot with a paintball gun during Slamdance and freezing his ass off in Reykjavik. 
Jesse then got a job at CalArts, an art school in Los Angles, where he has spent the last few years advising young artists about the school and its programs. Here’s one big tip for anyone interested in studying at CalArts: a drawing of Gokku and Pikachu french kissing is all fine and fun but probably better left out of your application for college. His day job allows him to regularly travel internationally, so now he’s tried that crazy breakfast tomato noodle soup with broccoli you can get in Hong Kong. It’s delicious, FYI.
Jesse recently completed production of a short film shot at 8500 feet of elevation at a remote mountain lake in Idaho. Production required the Jesse (and the team) haul all of the film gear up and down the mountain ... three times. Now Jesse thinks he finally truly understands filmmaking.  Filmmaking is about working so hard that you lose 10 pounds over the course of production. Filmmaking is the only diet that really works.
A photo of Jesse standing in front of a colorful graffiti wall in Berlin.