Treeline Lake
I recently completed Treeline Lake in collaboration with the director, Sinah Ober, and a scrappy cast and crew of independent filmmakers. I was the lead writer and a co-producer. 
We shot the film at 8,500 feet of elevation at Snowslide Lake in Idaho.

Treeline Lake, 2018

Marcus and his adult son Scotty hike up a mountain to Treeline Lake with a plan to scatter the ashes of their deceased wife and mother. Scotty wants to make a This American Life style podcast about the experience, but Marcus doesn’t want him to. When Marcus speaks his true emotions into Scotty’s audio recording device, both must confront the shared trauma of Marcus’s past as a military trauma surgeon and the consequences of being a family. They find no simple resolution to their conflict, but Scotty’s podcast becomes the conversation father and son were not capable of having in person.